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Interior Design Ideas to Transform your Home

There is so much to love to about fixing up your new home. Home improvement is what every homeowner looks into and also fears at the same time. Budgets can be strained if you go overboard with your project. 

On a budget-friendly side, home interiors are the perfect place to start with your improvements. Interior designs will improve your homes overall aesthetic and will be pleasing to the eyes at the same time. Now, all of the tips might not be DIY, but you can attempt them with the help of a designer or an interior specialist. Here are the Top home improvement and DIY tips that will make your home stand out.

A Living Wall

Don’t have the pretty penny to hire an interior designer?

A living wall can be made by anyone and can be a quick and effective DIY technique to give your home a fresh feel from the inside. Wall planters are readily available in all stores, and you can even get them online. Just fix them on your wall, find your plants and you are good to go. A living wall can be attempted anywhere, including living rooms and guest rooms.

Some of our suggestions for plants include fillers, spillers, ferns, pothos, and peperomia.

Striking Tiles for the Perfect Kitchen

Sprucing up your kitchen is not an easy task and will require something a bit more than DIY.

We only remember to upgrade our kitchen accessories and not the walls. Adding wall tiles is much more preferred than a coat of paint to rejuvenate your old kitchen. Unique tile shapes will give your kitchen an extra dimension. We recommend ringbone, hexagon or a honeycomb design for your wall tiles. Gold and brassy detailing also helps give it a clean accent. Mate this with some vintage pottery to make your kitchen look perfect.

Decorative Mirrors to Provide Extra Light

Mirrors are crucial design cues for small rooms as they make the room feel bigger. They also have added functionality, with rooms lacking natural light, they can be used as a way to bring more light into the room.

You can add mirrors directly across windows and style them up the way you want. A mirror should not always be plain there are several types of decorative mirrors which can improve the soul of your room.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are a great way of adding functionality to your countertops and glass tables while being beautiful at the same time.

They serve many purposes bus most people use it for storing magazine and newspapers. They can decrease clutter instantly. Another use would be to display your fruit collection and wall arts or any miniature design ornaments we have. We are sure that these home improvement tips will bring a new lease of life to your old designs. Be sure to have a budget for every small project so that you don’t go overboard.

Whatever you do, keep your designs simple and keep the go green initiative in mind.