Interior Design, Kitchen

Simple Ways to Create more Space

It is not possible for each one of us to have palatial homes. But whatever we own needs to be perfect and well maintained. Space can be a constraint in a small home. But with a little out of the box thinking you can surely create more space and also make your home look amazing.

An Extra Room in your Bedroom

At times we find that the bedroom is pretty huge and you are just a single soul living in such a huge space. Then why not create an additional room in this bedroom? No and we are not asking you to put tacky dividers. You can do it aesthetically. You can hang planters close to each other so that they look a single entity and separate out the extra space. Here you can put a bean bag and a coffee table.

If you were one who always wanted to have you own library then here is your home then here is your chance to do it.  You will have to work a bit on the designing of the furniture. You can have a cabinet and shelves where you can tack your favorite books. On top of the shelves you can have a bed. The stairs that lead you to the bed can have multipurpose use. You can have drawers as the staircase. These drawers can be used for dumping all that extra clutter in your room.

Thoughtfully Done Kitchen

Kitchens must look cool and classy. Luckily there are many ideas that you can use to make your kitchen look awe-inspiring. If you are the one who arranges things properly then go in for open shelves for your kitchen. You get more space and also picking up things becomes easier. But for open shelves you will have to get cool looking containers where you can store all the stuff.



The tiles that you use will also help in creating an impact. These days there are tiles of different shapes and sizes. There are also tiles which have pictures like that of fruits or a good morning message. The lighting in the kitchen is very important. There has to be ample ventilation in the kitchen. More light will make the place look bigger.

The accessories need to stand out. If you have plans to use rugs then they must go well with the overall decor. You can also hang some paintings and pictures. These pictures can even be family dinner photos or that wonderful Christmas cake that you baked last season.

If you want to give a natural touch to the kitchen then you can have some pots and plants in the kitchen. If you can have herbs planted in these pots then nothing like it! The utensils and cutlery also speak a lot about the aesthetic sense of the owner. Go for unique looking but useful utensils.

Overall just keep in mind that you can actually do things that can create more space in your home and also make it look beautiful.