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Time for a house makeover with DIY!

DIY or do it yourself are about products usually made from waste and most importantly, done yourself. Be it painting the wall, adding some intrinsic designs to it or making some home décor products, everything can be done easily. You can use old jackets and make it into a new one, or simply personalize it by adding patches and your initials here and there! There is so much one can do using DIY.

The reason why DIY are becoming popular these days is the fact that everything else is going expensive. If you go out to buy a coffee table, a good and sturdy one would not cost you anything less than 300-400$. Whereas, if you use an old but good quality table and fix it and decorate it a bit here and there, you would be saving a lot and the feeling of having your very own personalized coffee table is divine!

DIY and Interior Designing

An interior designer is called when the house is newly purchased or when the owner feels it required some change. The charge of having an interior designer begins from the first call and every meeting and discussion is charged, even if it lasted for merely 15minutes. So why not, get some ideas from the internet, add something of your own to it and do it yourself?

If you have a plain solid colour wall, you can add some drama to it yourself. You would need paint roller brush, jute ropes and contrasting colour paint. Using glue gun, paste the jute rope around the roller of the brush in a pattern. Use paints; make sure the jute rope and the surface of the roller does not share the paint! Go vertical or horizontal that’s absolutely your choice and you have your own personalized wall. Hang indoor plants or cut out mirrors to enhance. Your overall cost would certainly be reduced by 80%!

Another wonderful and slightly easy technique is to use stencils. But the idea remains the same, use paint colors that are in contrast to your wall color. All you need is some time and lots of patience for your masterpiece to come out!



DIY and Decorations

Nobody would want to live in an apartment that just has its essentials and not the decorations. That sort of a place can turn monotonous at times. Use of fairy lights, woollen balls, and some decorative items here and there can add up to the room!

One wonderful technique is to use balloons, and tie wool around it using glue covering it almost fully. Once dried, burst the balloons and remove the leftovers, you have your own woollen balls that can be attached to the LED bulbs of the fairy lights!

Personal tip: Use golden fairy lights and colourful wool balls to make the overall picture look well lit and beautiful!

It is wonderful to do things on your own, save some money and enjoy in your very own, personalized space!